Weddings, Christenings, Baptisms and other similar events except Graduations

  • 13.1. On arrival at the Church, the Governor General should be met by an officiating member of the clergy.
  • 13.2. At a wedding/christening/baptismal service, the Governor General sits on the right front pew with his spouse. If the Prime is in attendance he will sit along with his spouse on the left of Their Excellencies. The family of the deceased sits on the right front pew and other pews on the right side as required.
  • 13.3. For weddings, the Governor General is to be seated five(5) minutes before the procession of the bridal party.
  • 13.4. On departure from the ceremony if this is at a venue different to the reception, the Governor General leaves immediately after the bridal party but BEFORE the rest of the congregation.
  • 13.5. At the reception, the Governor General and Spouse are received and seated before any other guests and attended to during their stay by a representative of the host who has been introduced to the ADC in advance.
  • 13.6. The Governor is not expected to be called upon to propose a toast.
  • 13.7. The ADC will advise the Master of Ceremony when His/Her/Their Excellency is ready to depart the reception so that the audience can be advised.

For any further information on these protocol guidelines, please contact the Office of the Governor General - 268 462 0002/3/4

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